Can You Eat Prosciutto on Keto?

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Are you considering going into the keto diet? Have you already triggered ketosis in your system?

Having high protein, high fat and low-carb for all meals is a bit of a challenge. Especially, if you have to check if the items you want to eat are keto friendly every time you want to add a new item to your menu to keep things interesting.

Are you looking at a lovely prosciutto and wondering if you can eat it while you are on a keto diet? Go right ahead because the answer is yes.

Prosciutto keto recipes

You can get all the right nutrients you need if you are eating prosciutto in the keto diet.

The great thing about prosciutto is that it is very versatile besides being tasty.

Prosciutto keto recipes

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You can find easy recipes to use prosciutto in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Roll up some cottage cheese with prosciutto for a good breakfast.

You can also throw the prosciutto on a bed of veggies and leafy greens with some hard-boiled eggs for a classy lunch plate. Add a dash of olive oil and a healthy dose of lemon to give it a kick.

You can literally find hundreds of prosciutto recipes that are suitable for keto with a simple google search. We cannot stress how easy it is.

Is prosciutto high in carbs?

Prosciutto is good for keto as it contains no carbs at all. In fact 2 slices or about 1 ounce of prosciutto contains the following:

  • It contains 60 calories.
  • It has a total of 3.5 g fats.
  • Of that the saturated fat​ is around 1.5 g.
  • It contains 19.9 mg cholesterol.
  • It has approximately 520 mg sodium.
  • The total carbs it contains is 0 g, with 0 g dietary fiber and 0 g sugar.
  • It also contains around 7 g of protein.

What can’t you eat on keto?

Anything that has too much carb is an absolute no-no if you want to maintain ketosis in your system. A simple way to do that is by avoiding the following food when you are on a keto diet:

  • You have to avoid all grains.
  • Do not eat any starchy vegetables or high-sugar fruits.
  • Absolutely avoid sweetened yogurt.
  • You should be careful to avoid juices as they usually have high-sugar fruits in them.
  • You can not have the usual sweeteners like honey, syrup or sugar in any of their forms.
  • The usual junk food that you always have like chips and crackers is off the menu too.
  • You should also avoid baked goods, including gluten-free baked goods.

Can you eat cured meats on keto?

Ketogenic diet is the consumption of a protein and fat rich diet and avoiding carbs. This tricks the body into ketosis where it uses up the stored fats in the body for a source of energy in the absence of carbs.

A solid piece of meat cured with spices and salt is nothing but a whole muscle. So cured meats do not have carbohydrates.

So feel free to eat any cured meat while you are on a keto diet. You can go for cured meats like dry-cured salami, jerky, hot smoked meats, low & slow BBQ smoked meats, and cold-smoked meats without any worries at all.

Keto food list with carb count

Good keto food is low in carbohydrate content and high in protein and fat content. Here is a list of some the foods which are good for keto with an approximate carb count:

  • All fish and seafood has 0 g carbohydrates.
  • A cup of low-carb veggies will have 8 g of carbs at the most.
  • Cheese has no carbs.
  • An avocado contains about 18 g of carbs out of which 14g is dietary fiber.
  • Eggs, poultry and fresh meats have no carbs.
  • 1 ounce of nuts, seeds and healthy oils will have 0-5 g net carbs.
  • A cup of berries has a maximum of 20 g of carbs.
  • Unsweetened coffee, tea, cocoa and dark chocolate have no carbs.

What deli meats can you eat on keto?

Deli Meats on Keto

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Most deli meats are pretty good for keto as long as they contain fat and high protein with no carbs. Here’s a list of deli meats that are fine for keto:

  • Most sausages like hot dogs, salami and bologna are welcome for someone on keto as long as the binders are not carb-rich.
  • Cured pepperoni has very little carb and is great for keto.
  • Plain roast beef is compatible with the keto diet.
  • Pastrami is also keto-friendly.
  • Ham is a staple for keto.
  • Sliced turkey is excellent keto food.

Is salami keto-friendly?

Salami is cured sausage frequently made from beef or pork. It usually has a marbled appearance.

Salami is made from animal muscle and is high in protein and fat. It is low in carbohydrates and contains moderately high sodium.

So salami is absolutely perfect for keto. But some people have allergic reactions to salami skin and should be careful with that.

Can you eat Italian meats on keto?

Italian Meats on Keto

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Italian meats are both delicious and very good for keto as they have almost no carbs. They are high in protein and fats so look at the list below to create a keto-friendly menu:

  • Prosciutto is good for keto.
  • Pepperoni is also keto-friendly.
  • Salami is excellent for keto.
  • Besides these cured meats, carpaccio or raw, thinly sliced meat and fish is also suitable for keto.

Keto meats to avoid

While most meats are good for keto, you should avoid some processed meats. Always check the label for carb content before buying processed meat.

Animal muscle is free of carbs. But the binders used in processing meat may have hidden carbs. So stay away from breaded meats, bacon with added sugar, etc.

You should also avoid cooked meats with natural sweeteners like honey glazed pork, etc. For health, reasons avoid processed meat with unhealthy fats and high nitrate content.

What can I eat on a keto diet at an Italian restaurant?

Italian cuisine offers many keto-friendly options. There are plenty of low-carb or no-carb foods with high-fat content on the Italian menu.

Here is a list of some of the Italian options you can try when you are on a keto diet:

  • Grilled or broiled poultry that are not fried or breaded.
  • Braised or marinated veal is good for a keto diet.
  • Try bare meatballs and avoid the sugar-packed tomato sauces.
  • Sausage, steak, and other types of meat are also good for keto as long as the sides are free of carbs.
  • Fatty cheeses are perfect for a keto diet and can be used in meats.

Prosciutto carbs per slice

Each slice of prosciutto has almost 2 grams of fat. It also has almost 4 grams of protein.

It does not contain any fats at all. So each slice of prosciutto has 0 grams of sugar.

A prosciutto slice also has 0 grams of dietary fiber. So it is perfect as keto food.

FAQ relating to Can you eat prosciutto on keto?

You must still have plenty of questions regarding the keto diet and how suitable prosciutto is for keto. Read through some of the frequently asked questions we have put together and get the answers you are looking for.

What can you absolutely not eat on keto?

You cannot eat foods that are high in carbs during keto. If you do ketosis will stop, and you will start gaining weight immediately.

So you cannot have grains, starchy vegetables, and high-sugar fruits. You have to give up sweetened yogurt and juices as well.

All sorts of natural sweeteners like honey, syrup or sugar are bad for keto. Chips, crackers and gluten-free baked goods are not suitable for a keto diet at all.

How do I stay in ketosis?

To stay in ketosis you must eat a low amount of carbs. So watch your carb intake and avoid packed food or restaurant food for their hidden carbs.

Increase the fat content in your diet. Try intermittent fasting and exercising along with regular testing of ketone levels.

Can I have popcorn on keto?

Maintaining a successful keto diet requires a restriction on the carbs you can eat all day. If you plan your meals correctly and use the right ingredients this is easily achievable.

In fact, you can have some snacks including popcorn, although it has carbs. But by managing portions, you can stay in ketosis.

How long does it take to get into ketosis?

Usually, you can get into ketosis in 2 to 4 days. But for that, your carbohydrate consumption has to be below 50 grams per day.

But any individual will find some differences from this average because of their physical activity level, metabolism, or age. Individual carb, fat, and protein intake can also lead to variations.

Key Takeaways

  • Prosciutto is good for keto as it has no carbs (sugars or dietary fibers).
  • You can have prosciutto while on a keto diet and maintain ketosis.
  • There are many recipes for every keto-friendly meal using prosciutto.
  • Un-breaded and unsweetened Prosciutto and other Italian processed meat are suitable for keto.

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