Can You Mix Champagne and Vodka?

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The answer to this question is yes! You can definitely mix champagne and vodka to make a vodka champagne cocktail.

Of the various champagne cocktails that you can prepare, making one using a vodka champagne combination is a good option. It is a perfect cocktail that you can make for parties. 

Vodka and champagne name

There is no doubt that vodka and champagne are two of the most popular drinks in the world. They can be enjoyed separately and also enjoyed together in a cocktail.

Champagne is an example of a sparkling wine. Its name is derived from the Champagne region in France.

Vodka, on the other hand, is a clear alcohol that is made from potatoes, rye, or wheat. The meaning of word is derived from the Russian word Voda, which means water.

Champagne is made from a specific type of grape and is known for its bubbly texture and distinct flavor.

Vodka is distilled multiple times to impart the smooth taste for which the drink has become so popular. You can mix both these drinks along with other ingredients and enjoy a cocktail.

What liquor mixes well with Champagne?

Not all liquors can be mixed together as they may end up causing stomach problems. There are certain liquors that go well with champagne.

The most common spirits you can mix with champagne are:

  • Vodka
  • Cognac
  • Brandy
  • Gin
  • Rum

Prosecco and vodka cocktail

Prosecco is an Italian white wine that is known for being aromatic and fresh. You can make a cocktail of Prosecco and vodka to create a refreshing drink.

Sgroppino is a cocktail made from Prosecco and vodka. It is a simple drink that is easy to make.

Take 30ml vodka, a glass of Prosecco, and a scoop of lemon sorbet. Mix them together in a blender and Sgroppino is ready to serve chilled.

Can you drink Champagne before vodka?

Yes, you can drink champagne before vodka. However, if you drink large quantities of both you may end up intoxicated.

Vodka, sparkling cocktail

The Raspberry Bellini is an example of a sparkling cocktail with vodka. To make this, you need raspberry white peach puree (made from white peaches, raspberries and lemon juice), vodka, and sparkling wine.

Take a champagne flute and add vodka and raspberry white peach puree to it. Top up with the sparkling wine and stir gently before serving.

We have one more classic vodka champagne cocktail for you. Here is how it can be made:

  • Take a champagne glass and place a sugar cube at its bottom.
  • Add a few drops of Angusta bitter to this glass.
  • Now add some vodka to the glass. You can choose from the best quality vodkas like Belvedere, Titos, or Grey Goose.
  • Top up with champagne to create the cocktail that is now ready to serve.

Can you mix champagne and spirits?

Yes, you can mix champagne and spirits. Champagne mixes well with other spirits, which is why many popular champagne spirit cocktails are in vogue.

Vodka champagne cranberry cocktail

There are many cocktails you can make using vodka, champagne, and cranberry. Some of them include:

Champagne cosmo is one such cocktail. You need vodka, cranberry juice, orange liqueur, champagne, lime juice, and mint for garnishing.

Add 1 part vodka, 2 parts cranberry juice cocktail, half part orange liqueur, and a splash of lime juice in a champagne flute and stir.

Top up with 2 parts champagne. Garnish with a mint sprig and serve.

Vodka champagne cranberry cocktail

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Can you mix vodka and wine in a cocktail?

Mixing vodka and wine together may not be a good idea. It can taste bad and end up causing a bad hangover.

But it does not mean you cannot mix the two. You need to do it in a proper way by making a cocktail with fruity flavors in it.

For example, mix vodka and white wine in a 2:1 ratio. To this add blended apple juice and lemonade.

Serve chilled to enjoy this vodka wine cocktail.

Dutch 75

Dutch 75 is a popular drink made from champagne, vodka, and lemon juice. Here is how you can make this drink:

  • Add 1.25 ounces of Ketel one vodka, 0.75 ounce of fresh lemon juice, and 0.5 ounce of simple syrup to a mixing glass.
  • Add ice, shake well, and strain to a champagne flute.
  • Top up with 0.75 ounce champagne.
  • Garnish and serve with a lemon twist.

What alcohols should not be mixed?

Some of the alcohols you should never mix are:

  • Wine and tequila.
  • Whiskey and vodka.
  • Rum with anything.
  • Vodka and tequila.

Champagne vodka orange juice

A pink mimosa punch is a great drink you can make using champagne, vodka, and orange juice. Pink champagne is used for this recipe and you can use sparkling rose, pink sparkling wine, or pink moscato for this.

You can choose the type of pink champagne you want based on the sweetness you desire in the drink.

Here is how you can make this cocktail:

  • Add 1 ounce of orange juice, 2 ounces of fruit punch, and 1 ounce of vodka to a champagne flute to make a mimosa.
  • Top up with pink champagne (3 or 4 ounces).
  • Garnish with berries or oranges and serve.

French 75 with vodka instead of gin

French 75 is a well-known cocktail that was created sometime during the 1930s. While traditionally it is made from gin, you can use vodka instead of gin.

This is how you make this cocktail:

  • Rim a champagne glass with a slice of lemon and sugar.
  • Add 1 ounce of vodka, 1/2 ounce of lemon juice, and a quarter teaspoon of simple syrup to a shaker.
  • Add ice to the shaker and shake well.
  • Pour this vodka mixture into the champagne glass. Top up with 2 ounces of champagne and serve with a cherry garnish.
French 75 with vodka

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Vodka champagne lemonade cocktail

You can make great champagne by mixing together vodka, lemonade, and champagne. You should preferably use rose champagne for this drink.

Here is how you can make this cocktail:

  1. Take a pitcher and to this add 12 ounces of frozen lemonade concentrate and one and a half cups of vodka.
  2. Now add 750 ml of rose champagne slowly to the pitcher while stirring the drink.
  3. Pour the cocktail into glasses with ice.
  4. Serve with mint sprigs and enjoy the lemon champagne cocktail.

FAQs relating to can you mix champagne and vodka

If you want to know more about mixing champagne and vodka, then go through the frequently asked questions and answers below.

What alcohol should you not mix with?

Alcoholic drinks contain a substance known as congenes. If you mix drinks having high levels of congene with those having lesser levels, it can lead to a stomach upset.

For example, clear alcohol like gin, white wine, or vodka must not be mixed with dark alcohol like rum, whiskey, or brandy.

The mixture can make you get intoxicated faster. It can also cause a very bad hangover.

Which alcohol can be mixed together?

There are many classic combinations of alcohol that you can mix together. These combinations will create a drink that you and your guests would enjoy drinking.

The best alcohols you can use to mix together include:

  • Gin.
  • Vodka.
  • Rum.
  • Tequila.
  • Whiskey.
  • Brandy.

What happens if you mix alcohol types?

There is a popular belief that when you mix different types of alcohol, you will end up being sick.

This is not really true. It is not necessary that you fall ill when you mix different types of alcohol.

Two things can happen here. One is that the blend of drinks may not be palatable and may literally leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

The second is that the mixture can increase the alcohol level in the drink. This can make you end up being intoxicated faster than you expected.

Alcoholic drinks contain compounds known as congeners. When you mix drinks with high congener levels it can worsen the hangover symptoms.

Alcohol Bottles

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What is vodka good to mix with?

Here are some great options to consider if you want to mix vodka with other ingredients:

  • Vodka with grapefruit juice is a good option for a pool party.
  • Moscow Mule is a drink made using vodka and ginger beer. It also has bright lime juice to give it a zest.
  • Cranberry juice is a great option to mix with vodka.
  • Pineapple juice goes well with vodka and you can make a French Martini from this combination.
  • A vodka lemonade drink is perfect for parties.
  • Vodka and orange juice go well to make the Screwdriver, a popular drink.

Key takeaways

  • Vodka and champagne are distinct and popular drinks that can be drunk separately as well as together.
  • You can mix vodka and champagne by making a cocktail with other ingredients and drink.
  • The vodka-champagne cocktail has a unique taste making it a favorite at parties.
  • French 75, Dutch 75, Champagne cosmo, and Blue champagne are examples of popular cocktails made from vodka and champagne. 

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