What to Eat With Sturgeon Caviar

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Most food enthusiasts would argue that Caviar should be consumed alone to savor and enjoy its unique taste. But we beg to differ even if that statement is true up to some extent and mostly subjective.

Foods like hard-boiled egg, lemon wedges, crackers, minced onion, and creme fraiche goes really well with caviar. Plus, caviar is also popularly served on a tiny pancake known as ‘blini.’

What Cracker to Eat with Caviar?

Did you know that crackers actually complement Caviar? Yes! and if you haven’t tried it yet, then we are more than excited for you because this list will help you out.

Wheat Thins Crackers

If you want your cracker to be nutty, buttery, and crispy, then the Wheat Thins Crackers is for you. It acts as the ideal backdrop for the caviar’s salty brininess to cut through.

Their thin body doesn’t distract the caviar’s taste and texture. But don’t get us wrong, it is sturdy at the same time and doesn’t break when holding the caviar or other ingredients.

RITZ Crackers

This cracker has perfect rounds and possesses a buttery flavor with a nice crunch. The company’s slogan goes like this ‘Everything Tastes Better When It Sits on a RITZ.”

You can also add creme fraiche to the combo for levelling up the taste.

Triscuit Crackers

This cracker is often served with caviar for their delicious taste. Its subtle salty nature compliments the Sturgeon eggs’ salty brine.

Its crispy texture also stands in excellent contrast with the roe’s softness. Plus, its mild flavor doesn’t overpower the caviar’s delicate taste.

Ak-Mak Sesame Whole Wheat Crackers

Another great addition to the list is the ‘Ak-Mak Sesame Whole Wheat’ cracker. They have a sturdy and thin body, which provides proper support and doesn’t break under pressure.

What Should You Serve with Caviar?

You can choose to serve your caviar with other ingredients such as white bread, dry toast, and crackers. They work as excellent appetizers.

What is Traditionally Served with Caviar?

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Caviar is traditionally served with blinis, which is a famous Russian pancake that is made using buckwheat. The blini act as a small plate for the caviar because the eggs are placed on top.

blinis have mild unobtrusive flavors that compliment the caviar’s salty brine. But you can also try crispbreads and crackers to eat your caviar.

It will give that pleasing crunch while enabling the caviar’s expensive taste to be the center of attention. Plus, you can also try other ingredients like plainly boiled potatoes and buttered bread.

If you wish to try more options, then you can also go for sour cream, quail eggs, and raw onion. You can chop the following ingredients and add them in your blini along with your caviar.

If raw onion is a little overwhelming for you, then you can go for spring onions and chives. But it’s always best to try out different ingredients, so don’t be scared to experiment.

How Do You Serve Sturgeon Caviar?

Fine Sturgeon Caviar is best served with ingredients like bread toasts and unsalted crackers. But you can always eat it alone for a singular experience.

How to Serve Caviar and Champagne?

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Are you having a fancy party? Well, here’s how you can neatly serve caviar and champagne to your guests:

  • First, you need to choose the right type of caviar to go with your champagne. You can choose between Sevruga, Beluga, and Osserta.
  • Ensure that you have both toast and crackers because they will accompany your caviar. Not everybody wants to eat caviar alone.
  • You should also make it a priority to have enough caviar at the party. It is better to have some left than to lack during the party.
  • We would advise you to buy 1/2 ounce for every person at least. But if you have money, then you can always go for 1 Ounce per person.
  • The Golden rule is to always serve fresh caviar. Make sure to buy them a day or two ahead of the party.
  • Store your caviar inside the fridge at 28-32 degrees F. Do this for the champagne as well because no one wants to drink warm champagne.
  • Serve your caviar on top of a blini by garnishing it with ingredients of your choice. You can also serve the caviar straight in its case for people who wish to eat it alone.
  • The champagne should be served in the perfect stemware. You can go for the Tulip glass or the classic Flute glass.

What is the Proper Way to Eat Caviar?

You should always eat caviar in small quantities because of its delicate nature. It is unusual to consume more than 60g per person.

You shouldn’t chew the caviar once you put it in your mouth. One must let it fall apart for enjoying its flavors.

Start moving the roe by using your tongue to disperse the caviar in your mouth.

What to Serve with Caviar and Blinis?

Caviar is a luxury edible item that most people don’t get to taste in their lifetime. And caviar goes extremely well with blinis because it’s a traditional treat since time immemorial.

But if it’s still not enough, then you can always level up the taste by adding other ingredients. We would suggest adding a dollop of sour cream or a smooth and tangy creme fraiche.

You can also add other toppings to your caviar and blini, which includes red onions that’s thinly sliced, chopped chives, capers, and dill.

How Do You Eat Caviar for Beginners?

Caviar is usually eaten in tiny portions that’s smaller than tablespoons. It is traditionally recommended to take tiny bites for savoring the texture and flavors.

But as times have changed, caviar is consumed in larger quantities for every sitting. However, it’s best to stick with the former to have the best experience, especially as a newbie.

Also, when you eat caviar, you shouldn’t chew but treat it like fine wine. Make sure to roll the caviar with your tongue to savor its rich texture and unique flavor.

How to Eat Caviar with Bread?

One of the best ways to eat your caviar with bread is by spreading all over it. This trick is nice since it allows you to eat the caviar in moderate amounts.

If you have the means, then it’s best to go for a high-quality caviar to compliment your bread. It enables you to have the best possible experience.

Refrigerating your caviar will also heighten the taste of your caviar. It is best to put the caviar on small pieces of toast instead of serving them in larger portions.

You won’t end up overeating and enjoy them as appetizers. It will also be a great idea to level up the taste of your caviar and bread by garnishing it with herbs, chives, and sour cream.

Plus, make sure to have them with a glass of wine for the best experience.

Why Can’t You Use a Spoon with Caviar?

You shouldn’t use a spoon while eating caviar to avoid experiencing a bitter and metallic taste. It’s because caviar tends to oxidize whenever it comes in contact with metals such as silver.

The caviar starts losing its flavor and instead begins to pick up the metallic flavor.

How to Eat Caviar Russian Style?

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If you want to eat caviar the Russian way, then you need to eat it with a blini. You can eat the two by pairing it with compound butter containing green dill herb or cream cheese.

Ensure that the blini has a diameter measuring up to 2-3 inches. You can use a small ice cream scoop to make your blini.

Another traditional Russian style of eating caviar is by placing them on hard-boiled eggs. Cut the eggs in half and place the caviar on top of the yolk.

You can also choose to eat it with buttered toast. Here, adding sour cream or some herbs will do an excellent job in improving the taste.

What Cheese to Serve with Caviar?

Wait! Cheese and Caviar? Yup! It does sound like an odd pairing, but they actually go really well together. Here are some of the best cheeses for pairing with caviar:

French Comte

This cheese has a sweet mild flavor, which easily melts in your mouth. You best believe that it will piggyback and heighten the taste of caviar in your mouth.


This dynamic cheese is very creamy and melty, making it a perfect companion for caviar.


If you are someone with a salty tooth, then this cheese is for you. The salty brine of the eggs and this cheese will give you a kick in your mouth.

Can You Eat Caviar with a Metal Spoon

Can you eat? Yes! Should you eat! No.

Your caviar will develop a bitter metallic taste, which will ruin your experience. Caviar will start oxidizing whenever it is exposed to anything metallic.


Do You Chew or Swallow Caviar?

It is best to not chew or swallow your caviar. You can use your tongue to disperse the eggs in your mouth and allow the flavor to melt.

Make sure to bite the caviar gently. You should always avoid scarfing down this expensive treat.

What Type of Crackers Go with Caviar?

The best type of crackers to go with caviar includes Wheat Thins, RITZ, and Triscuit.

Why Do You Lick Caviar Off Your Hand?

People lick caviar off their hand because it’s an expensive item and no one wants to let it go to waste. It’s not every day that you get to eat this delicacy.

Do You Refrigerate Caviar?

Yes, caviar is refrigerated and should be kept under cold temperatures. You can store it at 28 to 32 degrees F.

Key Takeaways

  • Caviar comes from the endangered fish species called ‘Sturgeon.’
  • Caviar is very expensive and consumed as a delicacy.
  • Caviar pairs well with blini, buttered toast, and hard-boiled eggs.
  • You should never eat caviar using a metal spoon.

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