When Does the Champagne Toast Happen at a Wedding?

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A wedding is going to present many memorable moments for all the guests and family, especially the bride and groom. The champagne toasts are going to be some of the highlights of the whole event.

Everyone is going to expect great things and the speakers are going to put time and effort into making the speeches wonderful. So when the wedding ceremony is done, and the wedding dinner is about to begin, it is the best time to start with the first of the champagne toasts.

The guests are going to be at their most attentive and the speech can end with a warm welcome to enjoy the meal. There are many things to consider and plan out for the champagne toasts to be a success.

We have gone the extra mile to put together to answer some of the most important questions that people ask about the champagne toast. Make sure to read through them before you make the plans for your perfect wedding.

Is A Champagne Toast Necessary At A Wedding?

If you want to follow wedding etiquette a champagne toast is essential for the wedding. When the wedding ceremony is completed and all the guests sit-down for dinner, they are handed their glasses of champagne and the toast is made.

But this is not the only way to have a toast, especially now-a-days when all couples do not necessarily adhere strictly to the traditions. Many people have cocktails being served at an open bar with champagne served as an option for those who want to toast the bride and groom with champagne.

In such cases, the best man will start with the toast right after the bride and groom enter the reception.

What Is The Purpose Of A Toast At A Wedding?

A wedding is a celebration of the beginning of a couple’s journey through life together. They are joined by their friends and family in this grand celebration.

So it is only appropriate that the guests get a chance to share the best memories of the couple for everyone to enjoy together. It is also a chance for all the guests to compliment the couple and show support at the beginning of their new life together.

The champagne toast is a formal way to do these things and if planned well it does not dissolve into alcohol-fuelled embarrassing rants. When a few representatives from the guests say a few well prepared words, everyone can share a few light hearted smiles and tears of joy with the couple.

What Is A Champagne Toast At A Wedding?

A champagne toast is when all the guests share a champagne to honour a the bride and groom after the wedding ceremony. Such a toast is offered by a speaker through light hearted ribbing of the groom and some nostalgic memories with compliments for the couple.

But the speeches are best if they are short. The best wedding toasts are not more than two to three minutes.

There are often speeches made by other speakers besides the main prepared speech which is the first of the speeches. But the ones that follow are usually a few warm words of welcome not extending for too long.

What Is The Traditional Wedding Toast?

Traditional Wedding Toast

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The traditional wedding toast usually starts with the father of the bride who toasts his daughter and the new couple. It is followed by the groom who obviously toasts the new bride.

The best man speaks afterward toasting the new couple as well as the bridesmaids. There may be other short toasts including the maid of honor toasting the groom.

It is finally up to the couple on the number of toasts they want but the fewer the better is the rule. These toasts are sprinkled with many personal accounts and some jokes in good taste.

Some of the common themes are first encounters and good times spent together. Embarrassing memories and old romantic attachments are best left untouched at a wedding toast.

Champagne Toast Wedding Meaning

Champagne is a costly drink and has been used in celebrations for hundreds of years as a symbol of decadence. But its root is in the Christian culture of the bride and groom drinking wine from the same cup as a mark of sharing.

This Christian tradition of sharing wine and bread between the bride and groom was replaced by the expensive champagne and cake in the European Royal weddings around the 18th century. Here the champagne became a symbol of social status and affluence.

But the main meaning behind the champagne is that it symbolizes life and vitality. It is a symbol for the love between the couple which is the purpose of the wedding celebration in a Christian wedding.

Why Is It Called A Champagne Toast?

Champagne Toast

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A champagne toast receives its name from the champagne being drunk to honor the couple by all the guests in a wedding. But the word toast is used from a much older practice that is no longer in use.

When the wine being drunk was not always of the best quality, it was tradition to put a piece of burnt bread in it to make it more palatable. The charcoal in the bread would absorb toxins and reduce the acidity of the wine making it taste better.

The guest of honor in any feast during these times would receive the bread as it would be infused with the flavors of the wine and be tastier for it. This is where the champagne toast comes from.

Who Does The Champagne Toast At A Wedding?

It is the choice of the couple and their decision on how many people give toasts and who they are. Unlike a traditional wedding, the speakers in the modern wedding are customarily the following:

  • The best man gives the first toast.
  • The maid of honor may give toast next but does not always.
  • The couple can then give a toast together or separately.
  • Their parents speak after them with the bride’s parents speaking first as the hosts.
  • There may be other toasts sprinkled like a few young children for some light hearted fun.

Does The Mother Of The Groom Give A Toast At The Wedding?

It is customary for the father of the groom to give a toast at a wedding. But there are no strict rules to follow.

In fact all the parents of both the bride and the groom may give speeches if that is the wish of the couple getting married. But in unusual circumstances, the father of the groom may be unable to give a toast at the wedding.

In these situations it falls on the mother of the groom to give the toast. And it has the same weight and love as the toast by a father.

Champagne Toast Wedding Examples

The main aim of the champagne toast is to provide the bride and groom with compliments and to wish them well for their married life. Here are some examples of short and sweet phrases that you can throw into your toast to make it sound that much better.

  • “May the better be much better than the worse in the ‘for better or for worse’.”
  • “May the word ‘happy’ acquire new meaning after today.”
  • “It is a blessing to see how you two soulmates found each other.”
  • “May your love shine brighter with each passing day from here on.”

Be sincere and kind and people will remember your speech for many years to come. Don’t speak for too long and use some jokes to make sure everyone keeps paying attention.

How Do You End A Wedding Toast Example?

The end of the wedding toast is when you ask everyone to raise their glasses and join you in wishing the bride and groom well. Everyone repeats after you some charming or meaningful sentiment.

You can even have a simpler ending where you simply say “to the lovely couple” and say their names out loud. The rest of the guests can repeat this right after you.

FAQ Relating To When Does The Champagne Toast Happen At A Wedding

Whether you are planning a wedding or writing a speech for the champagne toast we are sure you still have many more questions. Let us try to answer some of the common ones.

Are Wedding Toasts Before Or After Dinner?

Wedding Toasts

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Traditional wedding speeches come after the dinner to bring the event to a close. But it is better to start the first speech before the dinner when people are most attentive.

What Is The Order Of Speeches At A Wedding Reception?

Although it depends on the bride and groom and any order of speech is fine. It is usually the best man who speaks first, followed by the couple and finally their parents.

Who Does The Champagne Toast At Wedding?

The champagne toast in traditional weddings begins with the father of the bride. Today the first speech is usually given by the best man.

When Should The Wedding Toast Be?

Traditional wedding toast following etiquette should happen after the meal when everyone is sitting with a glass of champagne. But the speeches are better when the audience is attentive at the start of the meal, after the wedding ceremony is completed.

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