When Is Champagne Day?

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The concept of Champagne day was introduced in the 2000s. The holiday was first celebrated on the 4th of August.

The 4th Friday of October is celebrated as Champagne day in the USA. It is unofficially celebrated even in December and January during the New Year festive celebrations.

Champagne day October

Champagne day has been celebrated in October with the fourth Friday of October being earmarked for the celebrations.

While Champagne originated in France, the Champagne day celebrations is mostly a US event. It was an American Chris Oggenfuss who initiated the trend of celebrating Champagne day on social media.

#ChampagneDay is a popular hashtag that trends on social media. The month of October is when the trend takes off.

This trend also continues in December when the day is unofficially celebrated.

What is World Champagne Day?

World champagne day is a celebration of champagne, everyone’s favorite drink. It is a day when people savor the special flavor of this bubbly drink.

The day is celebrated in October on the fourth Friday of the month.

It is also a day to remember the history of the drink. The Champagne region in France is where this drink originated.

It is a dry wine with no sugar added. The drink is known as a celebratory drink with a bottle being popped for special occasions.

World Champagne Day 2022

In 2022, World Champagne Day was celebrated on October 28th Friday. This champagne day celebration was the 13th such global celebration held.

The celebration is held on the fourth Friday of every October. Bars and restaurants across the world celebrate this day by inviting patrons to enjoy their favorite drinks.

Why is Champagne for celebration?

Champagne has been used for celebrations for many centuries. The royal courts of France were where the champagne tradition commenced.

Champagne was an expensive drink, and it was considered a status symbol. The late nineteenth century was when its use as a celebratory drink became popular.

Whether it was smashing on a ship being launched or throwing glasses during a wedding, champagne became associated with celebrations.

Champions in race events have the drink poured on them for celebrations. The overflowing of champagne represents the abundance of joy.

The popping of a champagne bottle represents the bubbling over of happiness. It marks the happiness and sanctity of various occasions.

Pouring Champagne into glasses

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Champagne day august

National Champagne day is unofficially celebrated on the 4th of August. It is also celebrated on the 31st of December.

While the Global Champagne day celebrations happen in October, National champagne day happens on the 31st of December on the occasion of New Year’s eve when maximum champagne is consumed.

It is also celebrated unofficially in August. Many celebrations happen to mark this day with people enjoying their favorite drinks.

What national day is December 31st?

December 31st is New Year’s Eve. But it is also National Champagne Day.

It is the day that is informally celebrated as an ode to champagne.

Champagne day Sweden

There is no specific champagne day celebrations in Sweden. They follow the same celebrations done in other countries, which is on Global Champagne Day.

In 2023, October 27th is celebrated as Global Champagne day. Even in Sweden, celebrations are held on this day.

It is a day to celebrate the bubbly drink with people visiting their favorite bar or restaurant to enjoy their drink.

Is Champagne a celebration?

Yes, champagne is a drink of celebration. Whether it is a college graduation function, New Year’s Eve celebrations, or a wedding celebrations people drink champagne.

There is also a belief that champagne is very expensive. It is not so, there are other sparkling drinks that are more expensive.

The higher costs of this drink is because it is exclusively made from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France.

Champagne is a special drink, which is why people love to enjoy it during special celebratory occasions.

Champagne Celebration

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National champagne day 2023

National Champagne Day is celebrated on the last day of the year, which is 31st December. National Champagne Day 2023 would be celebrated in 2023 on December 31st.

Champagne originates in the Champagne region of France. The temperature and soil here is ideal to grow the grapes needed to make Champagne.

The exacting specifications to make champagne is why it has become an exclusive, expensive, and popular drink.

The bubbly nature of the drink makes it popular, which is why the national champagne day is celebrated every year.

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What is champagne a symbol of?

Champagne is considered a symbol of love and celebration. The popular bubbly drink is considered the pride of France.

Champagnes are costly because of their exclusive nature. The cost also makes it a drink consumed on special occasions.

It symbolizes overflowing joy or an abundance of happiness. It is a celebratory drink that helps people enjoy a special occasion.

Champagne events 2022

There are various champagne events in 2022. Champagne day was celebrated in October but champagne events are held throughout the year.

December 31st is a special occasion that is unofficially celebrated as National champagne day. There are many events held at restaurants and bars where you can enjoy this special drink.

Sparkling wine day

National bubbly day is celebrated in June of every year. The ‘bubbly’ is a term used to represent sparkling wine.

Bubbly or sparkling wine is a celebratory drink used on special occasions. It is only apt that a special day be reserved for this drink.

In 2022, June 4th was National Bubbly Day. Next year, i.e. in 2023, National Bubbly Day will be celebrated on June 3rd.

The first Saturday of June is celebrated as National Bubbly Day.

Prosecco day

National Prosecco day was started by Riondo Prosecco. The day is celebrated on the 3rd of August.

The date was celebrated because the day was in summer and the sparkling drink would be ideal for the weather.

The drink is named after the Prosecco village in Italy. Incidentally, Prosecco is available as a sparkling wine and a still wine. 

FAQs relating to when is champagne day

If you want to know when champagne day and other related information is, then do go through the FAQs listed below.

What does champagne stand for?

Across the world, champagne stands for a drink that is bubbly and represents the abundance of joy. The drink is a sparkling wine that is made from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France.

It is a drink associated with luxury and with celebrations. In earlier days, it was considered a status symbol with only royals drinking it.

Kings used to be anointed with champagne. That’s when it began to be used as a celebratory drink. Champagne has since become popular as a drink used for celebrations.

It is considered a special drink since it is exclusive and made only from 3 grape types found in France.

The bubbly nature of the drink that causes the drink to overflow when the cork is opened makes the drink a special one.

It is a fairly expensive drink that is enjoyed usually on special occasions. An occasion like a wedding is made special by opening champagne and enjoying it with guests.

Why is Champagne called the Devil’s wine?

Champagne is called ‘le vin du diable’ or the Devil’s wine. The reason for this is that when champagne was first made the bottle exploded.

This happened because of the fermentation in the bottle. The bubbles in the bottle caused corks to explode and bottles to shatter.

Monks of the Champagne region who also made wine tried to get rid of this fizz but failed. They termed the drink Devil’s wine because of its bubbly nature.

A monk called Dom Perignon failed to get rid of the fizz and when he tasted it found it to be extraordinarily good. That’s when champagne started to become popular.

What color is Champagne dress?

The champagne color is derived from the popular bubbly drink. It is a combination of yellow and orange resembling beige.

Champagne dresses are popular since the beige color also looks like gold. It is a neutral color and is hence suitable for almost any kind of skin tone.

What are the 3 types of Champagne?

There are 3 main types of champagne that are based on the grapes used to make the drink. They are:

  1. Chardonnay: The champagne made from white grape is mild, crisp in flavor, and acidic.
  2. Pinot Meunier: It is a red grape that makes the drink rich adding body to the drink.
  3. Pinot Noir: The champagne made from the purple grape is earthy but has a range of flavors on offer.

Key takeaways

  • Champagne day is celebrated globally on the 4th Friday in October.
  • National Champagne day is different and is celebrated on the 31st of December.
  • Champagne day is celebrated as an ode to the popular drink that originates in Champagne, France.
  • Whether it is a wedding, a graduation day, or a party champagne is the preferred drink for celebrations.

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