When to Drink Champagne

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You should drink champagne anywhere between 11AM to 1PM. Why? Well, it’s because our mouth is usually dry during this time of the day.

We aren’t smoking, eating, or drinking anything during this period. So, it acts as the perfect time for obtaining and savoring the champagne and its unique flavors.

But it’s also perfectly fine to consume champagne during your dinner. This drink pairs extremely well with risotto, meats, grilled vegetables, and fish.

Drink Champagne Before or After Dinner

There’s no golden rule as to when you should drink your champagne. Most people choose to drink it with the appetizers.

They do so before the full course meal arrives. It helps them to enjoy their starters and segway into a hearty dinner with their family or fellow guests.

Most people aren’t aware of this but drinking champagne before your dinner, helps increase our appetite. You will be able to eat and enjoy more.

But it’s also common for people to drink their champagne while having their dinner. This drink goes really well with grilled steaks, fish, and vegetables, allowing for a fancy meal.

Another unpopular fact is how some folks consume champagne with their dessert. So, yes! you can have this drink after dinner without any issues.

According to experts, it’s recommended to have it with dessert to sweeten the taste. You will enjoy it as a fresher and lighter alternative on all occasions.

What Time Should I Drink Champagne?

The most favorable time to drink your glass of champagne is from 11AM to 1PM. Our taste buds are their most optimum since they are devoid of tastes.

Your palate will be welcoming of aromas and flavors during this time. Plus, you can always drink it prior to your dinner.

Can You Drink Champagne at Room Temperature

Yes, you can but it’s not recommended since the flavors and aromas won’t satisfy your taste buds. Champagne should be kept and served at cooler temperatures.

Champagnes have also been served on a bucket of ice or coolers since time immemorial. According to experts, the right serving temperature should be 8 to 10 degrees Celsius, which is 47 to 50 F.

The drink will become too cold, and the aromas won’t be detectable if you go beyond that serving temperature. And if you go above 10 degrees Celsius i.e., 50 F, then the champagne will be less bright and heavier.

Most people prefer the following methods:

  • Take an ice bucket and place your champagne in it for half an hour.
  • Store your champagne on the bottom side of your fridge for 4 hours.

You should never make the mistake of storing your champagne inside the freezer. One also shouldn’t serve champagne in pre-chilled glasses because it hampers the sparkling.

If you don’t want to store it in an ice bucket or refrigerator, then you can store it in the wine cellar or basement. Ensure that the place is cool not excessively dry, and the temperature is stable.

Serving the champagne in a cellar temperature of 10 to 12 C is also a great idea. Never make the mistake of letting your champagne go too cold.

If it does, then your taste buds will become numb, and the flavors will go undetected. You will have a poor experience drinking it.

Does Unopened Champagne Need to be Refrigerated?

It isn’t advisable to store an unopened bottle of champagne inside the refrigerator. You shouldn’t do it unless you are ready for it to be chilled.

How To Drink Champagne Cold or Warm

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The ideal way to drink champagne is when it’s cold. However, the temperature shouldn’t be that cold, or it will hamper the taste.

You should allow the champagne to revert back to the cellar temperature i.e., 47 to 50 F. Don’t make the mistake of storing it under direct sunlight contact at all times.

You can place the champagne inside the fridge 3-4 hours before serving it. It’s also possible to keep it in an ice bucket for a good 30 minutes prior to serving.

But make sure to avoid storing the drink in the fridge for extended periods. The humidity will dry up the cork and will loosen up the seal that binds the cork and bottle.

Here, your champagne will start oxidizing at a fast rate, leading to a change in aromas. Plus, it will end up absorbing the aromas and flavors of other foods inside the fridge.

Storing the champagne inside the freezer is a bad idea, especially because there will be no bubbly action. You and your guests won’t have a good time tasting the drink as well.

The aromas also disappear when you serve it ice cold. Serving warm champagne is also a poor move because the taste will be bland.

You will end up losing its freshness and there will be an absence of its effervescence. Once you pop your champagne and drink it, the temperature will start to get warm.

Here, you can put it back inside the fridge, especially if it starts to cross a temperature of 55 degrees. It’s best to store your champagne in the cellar for long term at a desirable temperature of 9 to 11 Degrees Celsius i.e., 48 to 52 Degrees Celsius.

How To Drink Champagne with Strawberry

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Strawberry and Champagne go together like Bonnie and Clyde. These two ingredients are a perfect match, especially when you want a light refreshing drink.

Today, we have a delicious Strawberry Champagne recipe for you to enjoy.

  • Get some frozen or fresh strawberries. The former will offer a cool frosty drink, while the latter will produce a thin puree like Bellini.
  • For the champagne, it’s best to get the one with the ‘Brut’ label for the best experience. But you can always use a champagne of your choice.
  • Also, get some fresh lemons from the market and take out its juice. Your drink won’t be lemony, but the juice will help in enhancing the flavors of the strawberries.
  • Begin by adding the lemon juice and strawberries inside the food processor or blender. Make sure that you don’t add an excessive amount of lemon juice though.
  • Turn it into a smooth puree by blending the mix.
  • Proceed in adding little amount of the puree in the bottom of every serving glass.
  • Now, start pouring the champagne in and stir it.
  • Garnish if required and enjoy this delicious drink.
  • Plus, you can always hang a strawberry on the top of your stemware by cutting the strawberry in half. Ensure that you cut it in half only to a certain length.

Which Champagne Goes Well with Strawberries?

Brut Champagnes goes well with strawberries. But the ‘Demi Sec’ Champagne in particular is the best pair for strawberries or most berries in general.

When to Drink Champagne Quote

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Let’s delve into some of the best quotes for champagne:

  • Bette Davis – “There Comes a Time in Every Woman’s Life When the Only Thing That Helps is a Glass of Champagne.”
  • Dorothy Parker – “Three be the Things I Shall Never Attain: Envy, Content, and Sufficient Champagne.”
  • Coco Chanel – “I Only Drink Champagne on Two Occasions, When I am in Love and When I am Not.”
  • Charles Dickens – “Champagne is One of the Elegant Extras in Life.”
  • Aldous Huxley – “Champagne Has the Taste of an Apple Peeled with a Steel Knife.”
  • Noel Coward – “Why Do I Drink Champagne for Breakfast? Doesn’t Everyone?”
  • Oscar Wilde – “Pleasure Without Champagne is Purely Artificial.”
  • Scott Fitzgerald – “Too Much of Anything is Bad, but too Much Champagne is Just Right.”
  • Brigitte Bardot – “Champagne is the One Thing That Gives Me Zest When I’m Tired.”
  • Marlene Dietrich -“Champagne Makes You Feel Like It’s Sunday and There are Better Days Around the Corner.”
  • Samuel Johnson – “The Feeling of Friendship is like that of Being Comfortably Filled with Roast Beef: Love is like Being Enlivened with Champagne.”

What Did Winston Churchill Say About Champagne?

Here’s the famous quote about Champagne by Winston Churchill – “Champagne is the Wine of Civilization and the Oil of Government. ‘Remember Gentleman, it’s Not Just France We are Fighting for, it’s Champagne.”

FAQ relating to When to drink champagne

When Should You Drink Champagne By?

You should drink champagne by 11AM to 1PM. It’s when your taste buds are most vulnerable to new flavors and aromas.

Can You Drink Champagne Anytime?

Yes, you can drink champagne anytime of the day if you feel like it. But it’s always best to have it prior to your dinner, so you develop a bigger appetite.

What Occasions Do You Drink Champagne?

Champagnes are usually consumed during celebratory moments. This drink is a signature drink to a toast for celebration.

But you can also drink it when you have guests over for dinner. It makes the environment classy and elegant.

Why Do People Drink Champagne in the Morning?

Some folks drink champagne in the morning when they are out on trips, business events, reunions, and other special occasions. Most high-end vacation resorts and fancy hotels tend to provide this treatment to their guests.

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